Reputation Management Tools

Reputech is short for Reputation Technology. We built a suite of tools for our clients to access anywhere, anytime. Our project management platform contains a shared calendar, which clients can update with their upcoming events. We can then be more connected with the client ensuring that what we do is current and reflective of them. Our uploads section provides a place where we can access approved client content and images. There is also a shared to-do list ensuring that all that different tasks of the campaign are carried out on time. This means less digging through emails and more collaborative working. We invented this tool for our clients in order to make the campaign run smoothly. It is unique to our agency.

Our Review Manager is another unique tool for company campaigns. The tool allows business clients to upload reviews and also let us know which review website to upload them to. This works alongside our review strategy of spreading them out, only using approved content and avoids duplication. We can also mark on the tool when are review has been uploaded, meaning the client spends less time hunting around review websites, and more time seeing results. Contact us today for a demo of our reputation management tools and see how they can benefit your campaign.