Online Reputation Management Services

Online Reputation Management Services

There are many reasons why people or companies have negative content about them online. When they do get a bad review or negative article in a newspaper, they usually feel like nothing can be done. They either have to put up with it or spam the internet to try to stop people seeing it. However, there is a solution for repairing the damage. Even if it is on your Wikipedia page, social media or even a Google Suggest result, it can be removed. The more defamatory it is, the easier it is to remove. Many agencies will say nothing can be done and stick you with a rigid rate sheet with a number of credits, blogs and other set things they do to a year long contract. If they aim to report the content for removal, they will charge lawyer fees.

We operate differently. We do everything from a client’s perspective, not an accountant’s perspective. We provide flexible six-month contracts with a three- month break clause and aim to solve the problem as fast as possible. Reputech directly report the negative content on the website itself, to Google for de-indexing it (using tried and tested legal arguments) and at the same time promote positive content. Not just any positive content, but content which is reflective of the client. The better the quality of content that appears about you, the less people dig. Our clients have our attention for the whole month and we leverage what they have and could have (by researching relevant niche websites), to our benefit. Reputech work with how Google works, not against it. This way we achieve stable, long-lasting results. No lawyers, no PR companies, no nonsense.

Online Reputation Management Packages

Here are the types of reputation management services we offer. We charge based on campaign type, number of keywords and locations, and services included. We work on all client campaigns throughout the month. We can also offer one-off review removal, which is guaranteed in one month, without a monthly retainer. Separate Google Suggest repair retainers are also available.


  • Small Companies
  • Personal reputation
  • Local search issues


Most Used
  • S/M Companies
  • Executive reputation
  • National search issues


  • Larger Companies
  • High profile individuals
  • Political entities

Plan Descriptions

Reputation Pricing

Reputation communications are priced based on the number and volume of resources needed to solve a problem. We offer a number of different plans to suit your individual needs. Here is a summary of the plans we offer:

The Basic Plan

The basic plan is best for small companies and individuals who wish to improve how their brand is seen online. It works for building a reputation, and also for repairing online problems that are simpler in nature. It is also appropriate for medium-sized businesses in many cases, but could take longer.

The Professional Plan

This is our most popular plan. The professional plan is designed for small to medium-sized companies that want to improve search results faster. It also provides enough resources to solve the most common online reputation problems such as suppressing certain content, reducing content visibility, and sometimes complete web page removal altogether. Review management, Wikipedia or other specialized aspects are also included on an as-needed basis.

The Enterprise Plan

The enterprise reputation plan is commissioned by medium to large companies, political entities, and well-known individuals wishing for discreet services. It is designed to deal with issues with national media, viral media, or many other types of entrenched negative search results. It's used for more challenging issues or to quickly build a brand online in more competitive industries.

Custom Plans

Custom reputation management plans are most often used by larger brands, international brand reputation or building, political parties, or very well known individuals. The level of dedicated and specialized resources provided by the enterprise plan is needed for complex media solutions.