Welcome to our Reputech reviews page. Here we will post our latest reviews and testimonials from real clients around the world. These include personal clients and businesses who have engaged with us to fix their reputational issues, or just used us to promote their brand or name online.

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James Stockwood

I woke up one day to a text from my brother who told me to Google my name. I was shocked when I did because of what I found. After losing a nasty course case I saw it was all over the local papers. This has had a massive effect on my mental health and I have been suicidal and in fear of my life ever since. My well being and life was in jeopardy because of this situation and I was finding it really difficult to get well again. Reputech got to work immediately on my name online and had a short term strategy which made an immediate difference to the page. After a month the results on the first page were nearly clear and after three months all the local news articles were totally gone. It was as if it all just went away and now I can finally put my life on track.

Daniel Carter

I’ve had some negative content written about me by a blogger, I’ve proved to the blogger what he was claiming was not true however he refuses to remove it. My first course of action was enagaging my lawyer, the blogger actually admitted I had done nothing wrong but would leave the blog post live to put pressure on me. My lawyer went back and forth with him but we got to a point where we were unable to file against him due to not knowing who he was or an address. I engaged a google link removal expert, after 6 months was unable to have it removed. Finally I engaged a PR agency who promises removal and ORM however they have not delivered. After exhausting all my options I found Reputech. To my surprise, they managed to remove the negative blog completely in two weeks. It was removed by blogger and the no longer existed either on Google or the actual blog where it was. I was amazed by this result and highly recommend them to everyone.